SourcedBox July 2016 Review


I have been following YouTubers Niomi Smart & Marcus Butler for years and they decided to change their diets and lead a more healthy lifestyle. After loads of research they decided to cut out sugary, artificial and processed foods, replacing them with natural alternatives.

Through their YouTube channels they could reach millions of people which they could share their journey with and this is how Sourcedbox began , a way they could share with other people what they’ve learnt and help people snack healthy.

Here are my thoughts on my second Sourcedbox,

Each month you get between 10-12 different snacks and healthy products to try

This box contains 9 snacks, 1 drink and superfood berries

SourcedBox July

Body Me Organic Protein bar- Raw Cacao Orange

Snack July


Bursting with raw chocyness and an orangey zing, these bars are organic and handmade in Great Britain.

Love protein bars I’m sure this will be delicious but not tried it yes (trying to save it till my next box arrives)

The Giving Tree- Peach Crisps

Snacks july


Ideal for summer snacking, these fruity freeze- dried crisps are perfect alongside a bit of Wimbledon!

Three words Love Love Love even though I’m not a fan of peach I love it in this and will be ordering more fruit & veg crisps from this company.

The Living Food Kitchen- Inca Berry & Pumpkin Seed Flapjack

Snack july


Delicious dairy- free flapjack made with gluten free oats, virgin coconut oil, Inca berries and pumpkin seeds

To be honest I didn’t know what Inca Berries were !! But that didn’t matter , I used to make my own flapjack but It’s not very healthy this one is better than mine, this was gone in 3 bites (that’s all I can say ) delicious.

Virtue- Lemon & Lime Energy Drink

Drink July


A perfect pick- me- up with a boost of natural energy , this drink is packed with yerba mate, guarana and ginseng (contains caffeine)

Perfect energy water for me as I can’t have too much sugar ( I will explain in a later post ) all natural ingredients and the taste is amazing.

Wild Trail- Seed & Nut bar

Snack July


These raw bars are made up of only 5 ingredients, including fruit, nuts and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds.

  • Raisins
  • Peanuts
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • gluten free oats
  • Apple juice

I’m not really a fan of raisins (i just picked them out) but after that I love the bar it’s so delicious and I can’t believe its vegan, the pumpkin seeds on top add a more crunchy texture to the bar.

Soffles- Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Chips

Snack July


These toasted pittas are deliciously crunchy , and can be perfectly paired with dips or soup

Indian cuisine is one of my favourites ( Vegan Restaurant in Leeds I need to try ) I had these with hummus as it was the only dip that I had in. They are really crunchy perfect amount of seasoning and are in bite sized pieces with are prefcet for dipping. Never even heard of healthy pitta but these are really yummy had to finish them i could save them.

The Tiger nut company-  Cacao Dusted tiger Nuts

Snack July


Despite the name, Tiger Nuts are root vegetables, not nuts! These are dusted with a delicious coating of cacao , vanilla and cinnamon.

At first, before I read the description I thought these were nuts (but no there not) instead they are vegetable coved in cacao, vanilla and cinnamon anything with those ingredients in I love.

Clearspring- Tamari roasted soya with chilli

Snack July


These organic soya beans are roasted with a sprinkling of chilli and tamari, perfect for on the go!

I love Edamame beans so when I found these in the box I couldn’t wait to try them as I love Tamari ( naturally fermented soy sauce) and chilli, these are my favourite snack, if you are not keen on chilli these may be one to avoid and there is a chilli kick in them but that’s what I love.

Rhythm 108- Lemon and Ginger tea Biscuits

Snack July


Don’t miss out on tea and biscuits, put the kettle on and have an afternoon break with these tasty treats.

I love snacking on biscuits (unhealthy ones, did i just write that down, oops!!)  and my favourite flavours are Lemon and Ginger so when I had these with a cup of tea they are just the perfect accomplishment. will be ordering more of these.

Saf Raw- Beetroot & Horseradish Activated crackers

Snacks July


These activated crackers are a great source of protein and fibre- delicious with a dip or on their own.

My favourite snack are crackers and these are no exception- perfect with hummus.

The Good Guru- Good Berries

Snack July


(from the packet)

Good for smoothies, porridge and yoghurt. A supercharged blend of five healthy berries to boost your immune system.

Not tried good berries yet but my plan is to make an acai bowl and include this into it, I will post a photo when I make it.

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