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Titanic spa in Huddersfield is the UK’s first Eco spa, one of the country’s leading destination spa and is also a favourite with the celebrities. Since I live so close to the spa it was the perfect opportunity to have a girly catch up with my sisters and two cousins. It’s tucked away in the countryside, Titanic Spa is set in an old textile mill which some features still exist in the modern surroundings of the spa.

We were greeted at reception, offered a tour of the facilities but since I have stayed over here before last year I remembered my way around then we were checked in, given our robes and slippers then off to the changing rooms we went. In there are plenty of fresh towels, loads of lockers with plenty of space for your belongings. We booked for the twilight evening which is £45pp and you get 3 hours from 6pm till 9pm to use the gym, swimming pool, heat and ice experience, also the outdoor hot tub which is open until 8pm and you also get a glass of bubbly each along with a few canapes.


The heat and ice aspect consists of 9 difference experiences which are:

The heat
(Descriptions from titanicspa.com)
Herbal infusion room

Is designed to provide the warmth of the traditional steam bath coupled with the benefits of natural herbs and essential oils, sit back and relax whilst gently in hailing the aromas of pine lavender and eucalyptus to aid breathing and invigorate the spirit.

This is a luxurious timber chamber combining the traditional pleasures of the Scandinavian sauna with added benefits of steam infusion, mood lighting, and background music. The ‘softer climate’ will allow you to spend longer in the cabin so the heat can deeply penetrate the body, soothe joints and muscles.

Aromatherapy room
A 2000-year-old Roman tradition. The floor, benches, and walls are heated offering a dry, warm environment for perspiring and cleansing the pores. Cocoon yourself in the aromatic vapours and allow the stresses of the world to drift away.

Crystal steam bath
A humid heating sensation also known as a Turkish or Roman steam bath. Particularly beneficial for the respiratory system. The heat in combination with essential oils and salt helps induce a state of deep relaxation.

Sauna cabin
A Finnish tradition offering intense dry heat. Disperses aromatic water Ives the coals to create warmth and essence in the cabin. This large space offers an ideal environment to unravel your mind and rest tired, aching muscles.

Foot baths

Offering a gentle relaxing reflexology massage to soothe and stimulate the feet.


Cooling experience

Ice room
Gently apply crushed ice onto the body to counteract the warming effects of the heat experience.


Plunge pool
What a better way to cool off than to enter our refreshing plunge pool? Cooling down between heat treatments will prolong your enjoyment of your experience. No matter how warm I am, I can never get myself in there as its freezing!!.

Experience showers
Showers offering a multi-sensory experience to help cool the body, from soft tropical rain to invigorating ice rain.

A bucket shower completes the experience, I had to get my sister to pull the bucket over me and I couldn’t do it myself.

If that’s not enough there is also a rest & relaxation room with lounge chairs for privacy and a bean bag area with a fire which after a spa day makes for a perfect area to snuggle up and drift to sleep.


As I mentioned earlier, last year I had an overnight stay as a birthday treat from my sister. We arrived at 10:30, checked in and given our schedules and off to use the facilities of the spa. We had treatments booked first was my skin specific facial which was super relaxing, my therapist first asked me what skin type I had which determined what products she used on my face, my skin has always been dry, dehydrated and a bit sensitive. The treatment lasted for about 1 hour and she used about 5 different products which buffed, cleansed, toned and rehydrated my face, I couldn’t believe how amazing my face felt and after the treatment was finished she gave me a prescription of the products used and one that she recommended I buy to help my face not feel dry. The treatment room was calming and relaxing with soft music playing and dimmed lighting.

After my facial it was time to have our lunch then head to our apartment where they had already delivered our bags and on to our next treatment which was the mud chamber, this is inspired by ancient Egyptian bathing, you get 3 different types of organic mud to use on different parts of your body the lightest one for your face, the medium grey for your upper body and the darkest grey for your lower body (legs) which work to exfoliate and nourish the skin then herbal steam fills the chamber and after a while you can rinse off the mud with the tropical rain shower , the treatment lasts around 25 minutes and you get to use the chamber yourself.


After we headed to the relaxation room where I fell asleep until it was time for my pedicure whilst having my treatment I had a lovely chat with the therapist then went back to the apartment to change for our evening meal which was a nice end to my birthday.


Included in our package was overnight accommodation in one of their lovely apartments, continental breakfast, 1 course light lunch,2-course evening meal and full use of the spa facilities until 10am on departure day if you have opted an overnight stay.

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If you want to check out titanic spa, here are the details and keep a look out for their fantastic offers on both overnight breaks , day and night spa,


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